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An Alberta antique dealer travels across America in search of treasures

Since 2016, Alex Archbold has been travelling across North America looking for antiques for sale in his Edmonton store.Alex Archbold discovered his passion for selling antiques at the age of 9, when h…The 79-year-old man from St. Albert spent about 50 years building his collection , which today contains over 800 cameras, some of which date back to the early 20th century.

Deco for new home

You've seen a house for-sale and you've seized the opportunity, now it's time to decorate your new home to your taste. Whether you're planning a new home or simply renovating an old one, decorating i......

Lena O'Ryan, 36, paranoid woman

A paranoid woman from Dublin is obsessed with piano keys. People often compare her to a paranoid sheep. She always carries multiple sandwiches. She is striving to redeem herself after losing her temper on national television.
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